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Reduce claims by timely medical interventions

Transform your insurance services with us. Our telemedicine solutions empower policyholders with online healthcare, resulting in fewer claims through cutting the unnecessary visits to doctors. We are offering cost-effective, virtual healthcare choices that enhance health outcomes, benefiting both your clients and your financial bottom line.

It's not just about changing insurance – it's about digitalising how you care for your clients and manage your business. You can make healthcare more accessible, proactive, and cost-effective for everyone involved.

Step into a world of personalised well-being with myTeleDoc.

Beyond the tailored solutions we offer in insurance, banking, employee benefits, and travel, we’re here to shape our services around your unique desires. Our commitment is to make healthcare not just a service but an experience that resonates with your company’s goals. From enhancing employee satisfaction to cutting costs, TeleDoc is your flexible partner in crafting a TeleHealth program that reflects the very essence of your organisation. Welcome to a health-centric journey, uniquely yours.

Position telemedicine as a travel companion, providing peace of mind to travelers by ensuring access to healthcare services.

Transform your travel services by integrating our telemedicine partnership. As a travel company, offering clients access to our virtual medical support is a game-changer. Imagine your travelers receiving consultations for travel-related illnesses, regardless of their location – even in the most remote destinations.

This valuable addition not only elevates the overall travel experience but also positions your company as a market leader in health-conscious travel. By prioritizing your clients' well-being, you set yourself apart in a competitive market, fostering loyalty and positive brand perception.

Telemedicine as a valuable employee benefit

We help your team thrive by offering our telemedicine services as a core part of theirbenefits. Our virtual consultations are crafted to suit your team's schedules, making sure they get quick and convenient healthcare support. This leads to a significant drop in absenteeism, giving your company a productivity boost and a healthier employee well-being.

Our telemedicine services set your organization apart in the competitive talent market. When you show a real commitment to your employees' well-being, you not only enhance your company's Net Promoter Score but also stand out as an employer who cares.

Premium offering for banking clients

Transform your premium banking services through our exclusive health offerings. By incorporating personalized health and wellness programs, you can redefine the banking experience for your esteemed top-tier clients, creating an unparalleled level of excellence.

Our health platform services not only enhance your premium offering but also showsyour commitment to the overall well-being of your valued clientele.This strategic partnership for banks extends beyond conventional financial transactions, positioning your institution as a comprehensive service provider with a holistic approach.

Rescuing David’s Vacation and Health

“I was initially skeptical about using telemedicine for my health concerns. However, myTeledoc’s service has been exceptional. It’s not only convenient, allowing me to consult with doctors from anywhere, but it also offers peace of mind, knowing that expert care is just a call away. The specialists are knowledgeable and empathetic, providing advice that’s both practical and reassuring. With myTeleDoc, I feel like I have a personal health advisor at all times. It’s truly transformed how I manage my health needs.”

A faster and more convenient doctor visits.

Our network of professionals are able to provide fast appointments, quick feedback on medical cases and a treatment success rate of more than 90% with only 2% requiring a follow up visit.


We are here to identify symptoms and offer the best treatment possible.
Cold and Flu Symptoms
Headaches and Migraines
Mental Health Support
Respiratory Infections
Follow-up Consultations

Discover the features of myTeleDoc

Delivering high quality healthcare with every service.

Virtual Family Doctor Access

Enjoy easy access to your family doctor through our "Family Doctor Appointments" feature. Schedule virtual visits for routine check-ups, managing conditions, or seeking medical advice—all from the comfort of your home. Your trusted healthcare is just a click away.

Specialized Guidance, Anytime, Anywhere

Unlock the power of specialized medical insights with our "Specialist Appointments" feature, primarily tailored for second medical opinions. Seamlessly schedule virtual consultations with renowned specialists to gain valuable perspectives on your health concerns. Receive expert advice and make informed decisions without the need for additional appointments or travel. Your health, your choice — with Specialist Appointments, expertise is just a click away.

Vital Checker: Your Personal Health Snapshot

Introducing "Vital Checker," a revolutionary feature that scans your face to provide instant insights into your well-being. Monitor key health indicators such as heart rate, breathing frequency, stress levels, and heart rate variability with a simple scan. This user-friendly tool offers a quick and comprehensive snapshot of your vital signs, empowering you to prioritize your health in real-time.

Health Manager: Your Comprehensive Health Hub

Empower yourself with our "Health Manager," a centralized hub for storing all your medical records, doctor visits, prescriptions, and personal health uploads. Seamlessly organize and access your health information anytime, anywhere. From doctor appointments to personalized contributions, Health Manager is your go-to platform for maintaining a holistic view of your well-being. Stay in control of your health journey with this intuitive and secure tool.

Mood Tracker (Mental Health Diary)

Understanding your moods helps you manage them and feel better faster. Being aware of your moods, you may be able to better manage your lifestyle choices, make informed health decisions, prevent or avoid triggers of negative moods, and work towards a better quality of life.

All our doctors are carefully selected and strive to provide you the best service possible

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doctors and clinics

Join our network of healthcare professionals
Local Doctor Teams

An essential part of our service is localisation, we always have local doctor teams serving our clients, thus we maintain teams in Austria, Bulgaria, Romania, Slovakia, Croatia, Macedonia, France, Italy and Spain

Highest standards of compliance

Our systems are developed with security at heart, we are following strict european data protection requirments and never share health data with our partners without your consent.

100.000+ connections

With over 100,000 connections, our network thrives on diversity and collaboration, fostering a robust community dedicated to shared growth and innovation. Join us in this expansive ecosystem where opportunities and connections abound.

Become a part of myTeleDoc

Use your expertise to contribute to a better and healthier live for our patients.

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why myteledoc?

High Quality
Healthcare as a Service

Harness healthcare experience with our connected digital health platform.

100.000+ interactions per year

Achieve the highest engagement rates and scale your telemedicine service as you grow on our secure platform.

9.700+ connections

And 800+ specialist connections to facilitate reliable service and use cases anywhere in the world.

Highest standards of compliance

Share and send your diagnoses anywhere in the world in line with your local regulations.

Present in 6 countries and expanding

Global experience and local presence provides best-in-class service and healthcare support.
  • Austria
  • Bulgaria
  • Croatia
  • North Macedonia
  • Romania
  • Slovakia


Our services are region-dependent: Availability ranges between 6:00 AM and 10:00 PM or 24/7.
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Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about the product and billing.
How can we integrate myTeleDoc into our business operations?
We provide custom integration solutions. Simply schedule a meeting with one of our representatives to learn more about tailored integration options that suit your business needs.
What is the pricing structure for myTeleDoc's B2B services?
The pricing is individually tailored based on the solution. Book a meeting with our representatives to get more information about the pricing structure for your specific requirements.
How many doctors are available through myTeleDoc's services?
Currently, we offer a total of over 100 doctors, and the exact number depends on the region. This ensures a comprehensive pool of medical professionals to cater to your specific needs.
Can we request custom packages for our business?
Absolutely. We can create custom packages based on your unique needs and demands. Reach out to our representatives to discuss your requirements, and we will tailor a package that aligns with your business objectives.
Is it possible to use myTeleDoc services while traveling internationally?
myTeleDoc has specific regions accessible online from anywhere in the world. Our services are available anytime, anywhere, making it convenient for users to access healthcare services even while traveling.
How can I get started using myTeleDoc?
To get started with myTeleDoc, you can download the application from your preferred app store or access our web application at patient.myteledoc.app.
Can myTeleDoc replace my regular family doctor?
myTeleDoc provides a initial opinion to help determine whether a visit to a doctor is necessary. Our service offers quick consultations to address your health questions and aid in deciding if a doctor's visit is warranted. Please note that this is not a final diagnosis but serves as an initial guidance. In case of doubt, it is always advisable to consult with a personal physician.
How much does a myTeleDoc consultation cost?
Generally, visits with a myTeleDoc physician are free for insured individuals. For more information on specific coverage and details, please contact your insurance provider.
What is a PartnerID in myTeleDoc?
A PartnerID in myTeleDoc serves as your access code to unlock specific features. In most cases, it is synonymous with your policy number or order number. This unique identifier ensures that you have access to the myTeleDoc features associated with your insurance or service plan.
Where is myTeleDoc service available?
myTeleDoc services are available in specific regions and may have designated operating hours. For detailed information on service availability, hours of operation, and special offerings, please visit our website in the "High Quality Healthcare as a Service" section.
What is the volume of visits for myTeleDoc doctors?
The volume of visits varies based on factors like country, demand for specialties, and client cooperation. We actively expand services and anticipate visit numbers to grow.
Can I work for myTeleDoc alongside my current clinic/hospital contract?
Yes, signing with myTeleDoc doesn't restrict your other commitments. You manage your own time, allowing flexibility even if working full-time elsewhere.
Who handles taxes for myTeleDoc collaborations?
Doctors invoice at month-end with appointment details. Each doctor manages their own taxes independently.
Is there a required minimum number of appointments per month for myTeleDoc doctors?
No, there's no minimum or maximum appointment requirement per month for myTeleDoc doctors.
Can I consult with patients from different countries as a Specialist on myTeleDoc?
Yes, as a Specialist, you can discuss patients from any country. However, language proficiency is essential for professional discussions and diagnoses.
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